Sunday, September 28, 2008

Journey Workshop Days 3 & 4 Attention to Detail

We were also encouraged to sketch - something that I always do and I have lots of sketch books from past years. As most of the "doodles" in the books have little merit I think that I will eventually cut and paste the more interesting drawings into one large scrap book - so I can easily scan if from time to time.

I made two large vases and tried to apply Stephen's suggestion to doing something more to the top - rather than just keeping it flat (as in first picture of a pre-workshop vase).

I was going to put figures on the vase with the wavy top, but found my figurative style was very linear and did not suit that wavy topped vase so ended doing a rather abstract decoration. The other vase was thrown and altered into an oval and so I worked on figures for that one, and I ended up adding a round projection to the top rim to add interest.

Stephen also felt strongly that since I was working with a 3-D vessel I should look at putting something on the back of my vases. It did not have to be much - just something that would add interest. So far I had been looking at them as just a piece of canvas and so had not taken full opportunity of the artistic possibilities for the pot and had not looked at every possible detail.

I was not really satisfied with either piece, but felt that the top treatments had possibilities. I have difficulty not making the designs too "cutesy". I also threw several bowls as I felt that I needed help with the inside curve.

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