Sunday, September 28, 2008

Journey Aug 3 - 9 Pots with a Message

Sunday I had to pick up my mother and niece in Ottawa and was busy with them until Wednesday when I drove them back to Ottawa. Tuesday I volunteered for an afternoon to demonstrate making First Nations pottery in nearby Pembroke as part of their waterfront celebrations. The kids and even some adults really enjoyed making the pots - using the upside down coil method as they did 2500 years ago. My 15 year old niece was a big help with the kids.

I managed to make a third slab vase - a horizontal one like I made at the workshop and spent Friday thinking out the design and Sat working on it. I decided to stick with the fishing woman and the issues of hunger, sustainability, etc. - issues important to me. the vase itself will be a large fishing boat, with the fishing woman with a net on the front - Third World vs large factory ships. I decided to add the 3-D fish on the front base - sort of tieing in the diorama theme - the dioramas that I used to make with my father as a child. Also one fish would be on Kanthal wire - so that would tie in with the birds that I make on Kanthal wire.(trying to make more unified work)

Friday an art student at the Ontario College of Art joined our Guild. She mentioned how taking courses in art really stunted your creativity. Since they were graded, students would try to make work that they knew their teachers would like. She also mentioned how hard it was to do art with a message - it would be graded either too obvious or not obvious enough. I had never considered that being too obvious would be a no no.
Looking at my fishing woman and boat - I see that maybe things are too obvious - so will need to work on that.

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