Sunday, September 28, 2008

Journey day 9 "The Contract"

Well Sunday came too soon and we had to pack and leave. We all had had a fantastic time, the workshop exceeding my expectations - along with the accommodations and food! I took a final few pictures of Stephen's unique architecural ceramic additions to the outside of his house.

The evening before we had to make up our contract and sign it - that is what we hoped to accomplish over the year. Mine states:
1. To develop a unified body of work - both functional and non-functional, concentrating on form and design.
2. To have this work ready approximately one month before the show date next July.
3. To develop an appropriate palette for the forms.
4. To document my progress every week via photos etc in a blog.

Marian (the other out-of-town student) and I shared the limo back to O'Hare airport. On the plane I munched on the delicious banana bread that Kim had packed for us while sketching some more ideas. Sunday evening it was back to reality - housework, cooking, house guests, etc, etc - but determined to make pottery my first priority - after all I have a contract that I have to adhere to.

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