Sunday, September 28, 2008

Journey Aug 10 - 17 Fish Stamps

Started on my second vase - using the fishing woman with lots of waves that I had made at Center Street Clay and not sure if I improved on the top - just a short indent rather than going around corner. Also tied in the "waves" into the base by building up the ends. It gives a more complete look I think to the vase. Put a fish on Kanthal wire at the base as well.
Made two large bowls which I plan to stamp. I love making stamps, but getting around to it is another thing. I finally got some fish stamps carved at our farm on Monday since it was raining and couldn't do any of the grass cutting around the kiln shed that I had planned. The grass was waist high in places and preventing some of the stoking wood from drying. It finally got dry enough on Thursday that I could cut the grass. I'm hoping to do a wood firing in September - as long as we get a good dry period as right now everything is totally damp as we are having the wettest year ever. I've been cutting and drying white pine branches as I need more soft wood to mix in with my ironwood.

I also had to make some cups as I was running out of them at our artisans co-op. Will try out the handles pulled off the cup with them.
My stamps were bisqued on Saturday and so stamped the plates with fishes - I see all sorts of possibilites with this so will work some more with them.
I will have to start thinking about glazing these works - so far my appliqued vases are all glazed with Rhodes 32 but will look at applying some slips and perhaps ash glazes. Not sure how ash glazes will show up the stamps in the bowls.

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