Saturday, February 21, 2009

Journey Workshop Jan 30 - Feb 20th

The end of the week was spent photographing some pots that I planned to enter in the Eastern Ontario juried craft show - Masterworks East. I decided to enter the social commentary pots - the shopping ladies and the balloon pot. The glazes turned out pretty well on those.

The glaze runs on the chins, give the shopping ladies a self righteous expression that works well with the theme. I called it "Only 265 Shopping Days Left". I was going to call it, "And I encourage everyone to go shopping more", Dec 20 2006,- George W. Bush. But as this was a Canadian show I felt using an American quote was not appropriate.

I did not enter the balloon pot with the wire as I was having trouble adding the wire. Not sure quite how I will do that. I used the other one that had the balloon string done with clay. I called it "Why?". I was going to call it, "So long as governments set the example of killing their enemies, private citizens will occasionally kill theirs." - Elbert Hubbard, but again it was an American quote.

In the balloon pot, I managed to get enough copper red on the balloon, and on the blood area. As well the ash glazes ran enough to give the effect of trees - both sides ended similar so that you are left with the impression the action on both sides takes place in the same place. Both of these were made with Tuckers Sandstone instead of Prostone. It seems to be a bit lighter in colour and so gives a whiter effect that I prefer with the stony yellow.

I think several of my other pots may have been better - like the mirror - but it would have been hard to photograph and I was not sure how to finish the back. One of my pre-Steven pots "Ladies Who Lunch" was a possible as well, but then after looking at how they were glazed with just one colour - it looked just too bland. I can see Steven's point that you can go more with glazes on my pots.

Along with digital photos I had to submit a bio, CV and artist's statement. I had never done that before so it was a bit of a struggle to write that.

I will find out at the end of February if I had my pieces accepted. I heard that they had about 80 entries - so lots of competition but maybe not as much as in other shows.

I did not get much else done in February as we had to visit my father-in-law in Florida and did not get back until the 20th.

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Alex Solla said...

Now that I've had a chance to look through your blog I think I have a better idea of where you're coming from. Steven Hill, I am sure, wouldn't remember me from a hole in the wall. He juried a show in Fresno CA back when I was in grad school at Utah State. Since it was only a very long day's drive away, we went to the show since it also included a two day workshop with him. Like you said earlier in your blog, he is a natural teacher.

Since our work had been juried into this show I was excited to hear his thoughts about what he liked about them. All I remember from that conversation (with all the local media and hoopla) was that he liked the relationship of the foot (or lack thereof) to the body and lid of the jar I had submitted. It certainly was not a great jar, but it was okay. I still go back to that comment though.

It's all about the relationships.

So, this all begs the question: whose work do you idolize, admire, covet? Where do draw your inspiration? If you could imagine your work 10 years down the road, and finding it somewhere...where would that be?

Looking forward to reading more of your blog from the time back in July during your stay with Steven.

Thanks for sharing this journey of yours.