Sunday, April 18, 2010

New year, new decade

It took me almost 4 months to complete this post but I hope to get back on track with writing at least several times a month.

Jan/2010 - Time to get focused again on pottery after the holidays. On our way back from Florida visiting relatives we had a great visit to Ashville to see the New Morning and Blue Spiral Galleries. We also found our way into Penland as we decided to drive over Roan Mountain in North Carolina - what a spectacular place - both the mountain and Penland. Visited Cynthia Bringle there - one of my heroes and stopped by John Britt's place who is just down the road a ways. Unfortunately he was out but I could see lots of test tiles on his studio table!
Did lots of sketching on the drive down - it's someting that works well for me as I just sketch whatever interests me at the moment and then for several days I work on variations. Usually I do not have time to do too much sketching at home, but this was great and helped to while away the time on the interstates. On the way back I usually had to drive as my husband found my navigating on the back roads to be rather unreliable.

The sketches for the small oval serving dishes had lots of movement in them but once back home I was had a hard time trasferring that into reality. The dishes are made of porcelain, thrown, altered and a flat base put on. I pierced the overlaps and hoped that the celadon glaze would cover the holes and let light through which it did. Will need to work more on these as I rather like them, but as you can see in the close up the inside of the hole arrangement is rather messy.


Anonymous said...

Love the Celadon Bowls/Serving Dishes. Would you share your glaze recipe?


Newfoundout Potter said...

Hi Diane,
Arrg- I posted these last two posts on the wrong blog - it should have been on the Centered one as I am trying to transfer everything over to that one - everything seems to have tranferred except for the first few posts in 2008. Bookmark the link below if you want to follow the new blog - Centered - Focus on Clay and Creativity.
The pots are reduction fired and the Fraser Celadon is in John Britt's book on High Fired Ceramics, though it has been adjusted to revent crazing on the Harlan House porc. The outside is Johnstons'Temmoku also from the book. If you do not have the book I will be glad to give you the recipes. The Bringle slip is a great one as it works on greenware as well as bisque - I don't have the recipe here but if you want that as well I will be happy to get it for you.