Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Journey Sept 28 - Oct 10th One last firing left!

Well journey's end looms on the horizon. Looking at my stash of pots that I have I ready I find that I do not have any that I am really satisfied with to take to the final get together at Center Street Clay. If the glazing is good then the pot has a crack and if there is not crack then the glazing is bad. The few that I am satisfied somewhat with are the plates. Unfortunately all the large plates - 14" and up with the woman/fish ended up terribly glazed and it was only the small 10" one that only turned out OK.

In the last week I speed built replacements for the fishwoman and blueberry picker - building and speed drying the slabs pots in three days. They bisqued OK without any cracks except for a small one on the rim of the blueberry picker which I tried to mend by rubbing in a patch of sodium silicate with bisque dust. I also added an extra layer of glaze to see if that would also cover the slight crack.

The kiln opens tomorrow morning and we'll see. I need about 10 pots I guess - about 3 or 4 major ones with some smaller ones. Pots that show a unified look - as that was what I was looking for in this journey.


Unknown said...

Just came across your blog while "Googling" kanthal wire. Skimmed all the entries and will have to read them in detail. I am enjoying your work very much.

When inserting kanthal wire in leatherhard clay and then firing it, do you have to "glue" it in with something or does the heat from the firing create the attachment?

Unknown said...

I forgot to ask what gauge of kanthal wire do you use?

Thank you!!!

Newfoundout Potter said...

Hi Diane, I use 14 and 16 guage wire - though I also have some thinner stuff as well that I have used. I bend the loops using pliers and then stick them deeply into the clay when it is leatherhard. I never had any cracking except on a teapot handle where the wire ends were too close to the edge. If the wall is thin, then I put a little ball of clay on the inside to cover the sharp ends. I don't worry about glaze getting on the wire, it can be brushed or picked off after firing - it does not stick to the clay.
Lots of stuff you can put Kanthal wire on!
Blogging is really helpful I find to keep you focused on your work.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much. Yes, blogging is great. I learn so much from reading other blogs.


Sister Creek Potter said...

I hate to see your jouney end, also! I have really enjoyed following you through this adventure. I greatly admire the work you have done and greatly appreciate your sharing the trip with us. Thanks. Gay Judson